Are you the one who makes the t-shirts?

Sitting and waiting with Ollie outside Evie’s ballet class, this was asked of me by a parent of a friend of Ollie’s.  Well, yes, that would be me.

It started innocently enough.  I made Evie a sundress from a dark purple fabric with owls printed on it.  I could just see a t-shirt for Ollie, with a large cut-out of an owl from that fabric, and two big white buttons for eyes.


So the next Christmas, I made a few more very simple designs.  I was especially proud of The rick-rack for the shark teeth!



By the next Christmas, my well read grandson had some specific requests:  Sara had found some Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fabric, and Ollie loved the Elephant & Gerald books, both by Mo Willems. I don’t have a picture of this Elephant and Gerald shirt, but both were very popular in Ollie’s preschool class.


Next birthday, the popular book was Charlotte’s Web.  The web glows in the dark.

charlotte & wilbursome pig

I had a green shirt left, and asked Ollie what I should do with it.  He simply said, “Turtle.”


This last Christmas, Sara suggested another Elephant & Gerald.  Ollie loves dragons and knights, so I had been looking for the right stripe fabric to do My Father’s Dragon, the most ambitious project yet.

elephant & piggy raindragon

Again, they met with Ollie’s approval.

ollie in dragon