The perfect proposal

In less than three weeks, my baby boy is getting married.  Before I tell about the happy event, I need to describe the proposal.

Just over a year ago, Ben was still living at home, working as a sat truck engineer and photojournalist at Fox17.  He was leaving for grad school in August, Jen was looking for a job in Rochester, and had even ordered a wedding dress.  But there had been no formal proposal.  Ben can never keep a secret from her.  But she didn’t know that he had gone to a jeweler months before to work on the design of a unique engagement ring.

The first Saturday in May, he told Jen that they were meeting a group of people from Fox for a local news only private screening of “Anchorman 2” at a local movie theater.  She had been doing volunteer work in the morning, and hurried home to shower and get ready.  Ben sat down the street from her apartment for 20 minutes so they would be running late at the theater.  Being a private showing, it wasn’t on the marquee and they didn’t have to stand in line for a ticket.  As they hurried to the correct theater to take their seats, the lights had already gone down, the “previews” were beginning.

For those who don’t know, Ben’s grad school is for an MFA in film.  He had made a short film on how they met, their relationship, and even casting the gold for the ring.  In the upper part of the theater, where she would see them,  were several people from Fox.  Down below was their friends, and much of her family, and his. This is what she saw, as well as her reaction as she watched it.

After this, the house lights went up, Ben got down on one knee, and proposed. Someone didn’t bring the mike, so it stayed a private moment, until he turned around and said, “She said yes.”  Although we did all pop up above our seats to watch, even though we couldn’t hear.



The house lights went back down, so Jen could see the best wishes sent by some friends and both of her grandmas, who couldn’t be there.  It was followed by cake and punch in the theater.  The theater people were great, by the way: Celebration! Cinema at Woodland.

Two things we found out afterwards:

1) Some of Ben’s friends wouldn’t come, they didn’t want their girlfriends to see the “perfect” proposal; and

2) Jen was getting a little ticked off at Ben for not canceling his membership at the dating site.  (He’d used their correspondence for the script!)

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