Community Supported Agriculture

Last spring I bought a half-share in a local farm’s crop.  Each week I pick up a crate of fresh picked, all-but-the-paperwork, organic vegetables.  Friends on Facebook have seen me publish the pictures of my “haul” most weeks.  For those who haven’t, here are just a few:

week 8 week 17 week 13 week 10 week 1 week 3

It will probably go through the first week in November, coming to about $12.00 per week. The veggies have been wonderful, the farmer is great, picking them up is easy and only about 7 miles away.  I’m obviously not sorry I did it, but I’m not sure I’ll do it again.  A friend picked up the share three times that I was gone.  If she wants to split a half with me, I may do that.  Otherwise, I think I’ll put the same amount of money in an envelope in May, and go each week to a farmers’ market.  (Fulton Street Market in Grand Rapids is great.)

If it was such wonderful, why would I not buy a share again?  Because I don’t get a say in what is planted.  It was really heavy on the greens.  Almost every week had kale, those that didn’t had chard.  Usually there was Asian green, vitamin green, lettuce, bok choy, and/or cabbage as well.  I would have liked more zucchini and much more cucumbers.  I have cherry tomato plants at home, but it would have been nice to get enough tomatoes to can or freeze.  I did get really good at making quiche, which I made about 8 or 9 times.  Given almost any vegetables and some eggs, I can now throw together a quiche pretty easy.  I never tried a frittata, but I’m sure I could do that as well.


I also made Sara and Shane’s Burst Tomato Gallette 3 times:


Although some veggies ended up being composted because I just didn’t get to them, I’m sure I got my money’s worth, and learned about a lot of new vegetables I’d never used before.




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