New floors and redecorating, part 2

Now we have two nearly empty rooms.  I’m not even ready to start putting things on the walls!  In the living room, we have Tom’s recliner (his real office), coffee table, end table, and lamps.  In the dining room we have the table and chairs, and replaced the big heavy oak desk with a much lighter desk.  Our old sofa went with Ben last year when he and Jen moved, and we moved out the tall bookcase next to Tom’s chair.  We need to decide on a sofa, rugs, window treatment, and possibly a different bookcase. Here is what the rooms currently look like, showing the walls and windows, not just the floors.

Dining room:

IMG_20150801_171444721_HDR IMG_20150801_171432000 IMG_20150801_171416457

…and the living room:

IMG_20150801_171351855  IMG_20150801_171316999_HDRIMG_20150801_171338334_HDR

At first Tom thought a red sofa, but then realized it would be better to have bright colors in curtains, pillows, or rugs.  This is the sofa we are looking at, in a blue, green, or brown:


I like no curtains, but realize it isn’t practical.  I’m thinking of making a no hardware Roman shade like these:


After we decide on the sofa and I find fabric for the windows, we’ll start looking at rugs.  We’ll either bring Tom’s bookcase back into the living room, or find something lighter, like the desk:


I’m open to suggestions!







2 thoughts on “New floors and redecorating, part 2

  1. Everything looks great. I love the floors and the paint color is great. Your house could pass for a brand new craftsman style house. I think the style of furniture that you see in craftsman style houses would look great. I do like the couch you’re looking at. Keep it simple and uncluttered is my advice. LOL like anything in my life is simple and uncluttered. Can I borrow Junior?

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    • Thanks, Betsy. The wall color is actually exactly the same, color matched it to a piece of plaster that I took out while patching. I like the craftsman suggestion. Looking at some pictures, I can see why I like no window treatment, it is in a lot of craftsman interiors. I think my simple faux-Roman shades should work in a muted fabric. “Clean” is a word used a lot in the description of craftsman, and that’s what I was thinking. The exterior of our house looks a lot like craftsman.


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