New floors and redecorating, part 1

I described the floors in the living room and dining room after pulling up the carpet: oak around the outside, pine in the middle.  In July, my brother-in-law, Junior, sanded and finished the floor.  (He also painted the living room, dining room, stairs, and upstairs hallway.  Because I asked his advice on how to reach the walls in the open stairway.)

Sanding down the floors, the difference in the living-room was more marked than in the dining room.

.IMG_20150721_160023069 11221819_1168369686523080_5514716657631434234_n

The finishing turned out beautiful.  Junior is the Energizer bunny.  We used the water based polyurethane, it takes more coats but a new coat can be added every two hours.  Junior was up in the middle of the night adding a coat!

IMG_20150723_141117866_HDR IMG_20150723_065220352 IMG_20150723_141207171 IMG_20150723_141133280_HDR

Unfortunately, cats drag racing through the house seems to leave more scratches. Whether it is the pine or water-based varnish, or a combination, I’m not sure.

11826027_1179727785387270_6619235374510559416_n (Zedd and Chrissy)

11846542_1182731238420258_8239700412367611353_n (Zedd in cat-trap)


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