Grandma Lois, Teddy Bear Grandma, Grandma Strack

grandma & ollie

Today would have been my mother-in-law’s 91st birthday.  I was afraid of her when I first met her; now I miss her so much.  She was the mother to me my own mother never was.  If anyone says I did too much for my kids, I say I had two examples.  I chose to follow hers.  She loved me as her own child as well.

In 2012, Sara and our niece Lisa decided we should have an 88th birthday party for her.  She used to always reverse the digits in her birthday, and this time she couldn’t.  She wasn’t feeling great, but it was so good for her to see all of her friends and family.  A month later she had surgery for colon cancer.  The prognosis was a year or two, but she would be comfortable.  A week later she developed sepsis and was gone.

When Ben and Tom visited her in the hospital, she told Ben that all of her nurses so far were married, but she was still looking for him.  Within days either way of losing her he met Jen.  Grandma would have loved her.  Each of the grandkids has a bear named for them.  Ben decided that “Gentle Ben” should have a place of honor at the wedding, with some flowers in front of him.  It was mentioned by Pastor Tommy, so everyone would know.  (Sorry, no one took a picture, and the pictures taken by the photographer aren’t available yet.  Here is a picture of the bear, though.)  Grandma was there with us on that beautiful day.


Happy birthday, Grandma.  We miss you.


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