The Wedding, part 2

The reception began immediately, with guests invited to have beverages and begin games as a few pictures were taken.  The trail mix bar that was meant to be a favor became a pre-meal snack for many, but that was fine.

WedPics Image 103641862 WedPics Image 103641901 WedPics Image 103641868

The bride and groom started the food line.  Camping food-hamburgers, hotdogs, black bean burgers, potato chips.  (Catering was perfect, courtesy of Donna’s Catering.)  Everyone was able to serve themselves very quickly.  Instead of cake, Ben and Jen chose to have a s’mores bar.  They made their first official s’more as husband and wife.  (The pan on the end of marshmallows were my homemade peanut butter marshmallows.  They didn’t brown well when toasted, but did get soft and warm enough to melt the chocolate.  They were a hit!)

WedPics Image 103750675 WedPics Image 103750651 WedPics Image 103700203

The gentleman of Phi Mu Alpha serenaded the bride.

WedPics Image 103666567

There were the traditional first dances.

WedPics Image 103750747 WedPics Image 103641847 WedPics Image 103640476

Although music played all evening, guests chose to play games or just chat.

WedPics Image 104162716 WedPics Image 103700377 WedPics Image 103653976 WedPics Image 103654309

Ben informed us that the guests didn’t just have to be out by 9:00, but the gates would be locked at 9:00!  So around 8 we started taking down and packing up.  The last table to be taken down was where my family was playing Settlers of Catan.  As Sara said, “They wanted us to play games!”  Of course, she won.

WedPics Image 103750762 WedPics Image 103641883




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