The rehearsal was at the same park we camped at, since we didn’t need as large a pavilion.  It was chilly and windy, but everyone was pretty geeked up.  Almost there!

Unfortunately, the caterer (Qdoba) was late due to a flat tire, and we didn’t realize that they had forgotten half the rice and the tortillas.  However, Nick Weber made AWESOME cheesecake for our dessert!WedPics Image 103251652WedPics Image 103300552

WedPics Image 103300561 WedPics Image 103300573

WedPics Image 103300594

After the rehearsal, we had some time for a campfire, one of the best parts of camping!

WedPics Image 103300609 WedPics Image 103300603WedPics Image 103300627 WedPics Image 103300633 WedPics Image 103300636 WedPics Image 103300642 It was a great time, now on to the big day!


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