Wedding plans

A friend said to me last week, “You’re the mother of the groom this time, you don’t have much to do.”  Probably not for a traditional wedding: a rehearsal dinner and alcohol at the reception.  But of course Ben doesn’t do things quite traditionally.  First, it is a CAMPING WEEKEND.  Four days camping for some of us, two for everyone else.  In January I made 12 campsite reservations, in April two more.  I will be coordinating some of the meals that we eat together.  Jen’s family is taking care of everything else for the reception.  Of course, I still worry about everything.  I shouldn’t worry as it isn’t their first either, Jen’s sister got married a few years ago.

I have a list of things to do today: take sleeping bags to the laundromat, pick up handmade marshmallows at Fulton Street Market,  add two nights to Anna’s campsite.  Wednesday I drove to Muskegon to get a beverage dispenser for the Sangria that looks like a Mason jar.  I ordered four shawls and will return three.  Once I pick the shawl, I’ll go to the fabric store to get material to make a band and bow for my hat.  The reception is in a shelter in a different Kalamazoo County park, but the wedding is outside, so sun protection is needed!  I need to shorten Tom’s pants, and when Ben gets here Sunday, hem his pants and shorten his coat sleeves.

In 10 days I’ll post how things went, including pictures.




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