I’m not really competitive…

Tom says I’m competitive.  I’ve never thought so.  I guess I am competitive with myself.  I don’t so much want to best someone in public, but I do try to do better than others or myself behind closed doors.

Example: I’ve knit since I was 12 years old.  My daughter asked me to teach her to knit many years ago, and I taught her a basic garter stitch.  She made a scarf for her boyfriend (now husband) Shane.  I never heard anything more about knitting until 5 years ago when she was pregnant for Ollie.  She went to a class and made booties.  She did really well, and took off from there.  She has made some beautiful things.

shawl shawl2 striped shawl  cinderella oct 12 b

(The shawls, sweaters, the kids…and Sara!  All beautiful.)

She taught Shane to knit and he knits a little slower, but is doing well also. gryfindor

ollie monster

The grandkids even know how to take care of fine hand knits, as Shane found out.

I’ve made a few toys for Evie and Ollie, such as some veggies for the play kitchen:

veggies veggies2

and a rather large purple dinosaur: 310369_2328634985250_1530979072_32568630_1085243962_s

So here is the competitive part.  I really want to make something as beautiful as some of Sara’s pieces.  I’ve been looking at patterns, thinking I might try a lacy shawl or scarf like Sara has made. I came across this technique called entrelac.  This is French for “interlace.”  It looks like strips of knitting are interwoven, but it is actually knit in one piece.  I’ve almost finished a scarf, and am looking for a hat pattern.

cheese crackers 007

In the mean time, Sara came up with the idea that we knit the same object at the same time and talk about it as we go.  So plans are in the works for a cardigan for each of us.  I guess it could sound to some like a competition…


4 thoughts on “I’m not really competitive…

  1. I enjoy your musings and loved seeing the knitted pieces. The children’s “toys” are both functional and colorful. So much nicer than the plastic fruit we just bought for our two year old grandson to go in his playhouse. The sweaters and shawls are beautiful. The work of artisans, I must say. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful projects! I love hand-knit sweaters – I think the personal effort makes them extra cozy. Be sure to post pictures of your cardigans!


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