Searching deals for Christmas presents, I came across an unbelievable deal on a Kitchenaid stand mixer.  I knew my soon to be daughter-in-law, Jennifer, really wanted one; she was planning on putting it on their bridal registry.  I knew no one would ever find a better price, and wanted to be sure she got one, so I decided to get it for her for Christmas.  Daughter Anna said she would go in with me on it.  I also knew my oldest, Sara, had talked about wanting one.  I didn’t want her to think I had forgotten, so I asked her if she would like one.  Typical Sara, she said, “Only if it is a really, really good deal.”  It was, so I ordered two.

By the time the sale was over, I began to kick myself for not ordering one for me, too.  The week of Thanksgiving there was almost the same sale, so I went for it!  By the way, thank you Kohl’s sales, their card holder discount, rebates, and Kohl’s Cash!


I was telling this to a friend, and she said, “You raised three kids and did all that baking, and never had one?  I used mine all the time!”  Well, I no longer have the three kids at home, and don’t bake near as much as I used to, so I needed the first time I used it to be something I never had made before.  While I was thinking about Ben and Jen’s campground wedding coming up in June, I thought, “S’mores…marshmallows!”  Sara had talked about making homemade marshmallows several years ago, but since they need to be whipped for 12-15 minutes, and I have burned out two hand mixers in the past making divinity, I never wanted to try.  Now I could.

I Googled and searched Pinterest for a recipe, and decided on this one from Alton Brown.Marshmallows 011 Marshmallows 014 Marshmallows 017-001

They came out great, were not nearly as difficult as I thought they would be.  I shipped some off to Anna, Sara, and Ben.  Now, as Ben reminded me, I need to make them again without gelatin, so they are vegetarian.  So I’m researching…


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